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Quan Son Plastic Company Limited (formerly Phuong Dong Plastic Group) was formed since the 1980s, and Phuong Dong co-operative group was first established in 1990.

On the 23th of March 1999, Quan Son Plastic Company Limited was officially established, majoring in Producing plastic goods; Trading materials for production, consumption materials, additives, equipments, machines for plastic industry; Technology transfer; Export-Import industry; and Manufacturing mechanical molds.


The Head office of The Company is located at No. 60, Lane 306 Tay Son Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our 5000 m2 main factory is located in Lane 345 Khuong Trung, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam. Beside that we also have another factory in Tan Hong Industrial Zone, Tu Son, Bac Ninh Province with an area of 15.000 m2.


Currently The Company has 205 employees, including 155 people in Hanoi and 50 people in Bac Ninh.

The Company is known to have highly skilled staff, which are 05 Engineers, 10 Bachelors, 60 Technical staff and 130 General Employees.

The company's turnover in 2013 reached 33,103,925,432 VND, gross profit 484,880,000 VND.

The company's turnover in 2014 reached 40,933,340,098 VND, gross profit 544,350,000 VND.

The company's turnover in 2015 reached 32,263,624,377 VND, gross profit 565,991,000 VND.

The company's turnover in 2016 reached VND , gross profit 572.624.350 VND.


The company's turnover in 2017 reached VND,gross profit 585.276.000 VND.


Our Company’s strength inclues such fields as Injection Molding, Blowing, Vacuum Forrming & Laminating, and Mold making.

The products of the Company are mainly for the Industry such as Plastic parts for the assembly of cars and motorcycles, bicycles, cars for the disables; Details for electric pumps, electric fans, sports equipment, electronic parts of the defense industry; Consumption goods such as Details of rice cooker, Toilet equipment, Decorative lights, Film boxes, Plastic trays of all kinds, Bottles and Cans, Containers, Plastic Slippers ... In addition, Public We also provide some plastic materials for the Construction industry, Medical ...


The goal of Quan Son Plastic Company is to create products of good quality, beautiful designs, various in types, cost savings, reasonable price. To do this, our company has paid attention to the equipment investment and production. The company has invested in some injection molding machines and blowing machines imported from overseas.

In total, The Company is now having 37 machines, of which:

- 500 ton Injection Molding machine: 01 pieces

- 350 ton Injection Molding machine: 02 pieces

- 250 ton Injection Molding machine: 04 pieces

- 180 ton Injection Molding machine: 05 pieces

- 160 ton Injection Molding machine: 05 pieces

- 140 ton Injection Molding machine: 05 pieces

- 120 ton Injection Molding machine: 04 pieces

- 100 ton Injection Molding machine: 06 pieces

- 80 ton Injection Molding machine: 04 pieces

- Bottle blowing machine, can: 02 pieces

In addition, there are production machines such as: Water Heater, Water Chiller, Plastic Chopper (03 pieces), PVC Plastic Extruder, Plastic Rolling machine (03 pieces), Material Mixer (02 pieces),  CNC machine, Grinder, Lathes ...


So far, our company has successfully exported many consignments to Japan, Federal Republic of Germany ... and some plastic parts for export processing industrial zones.

In addition, The Company has a workshop specializing in repairing molds, with a team of skilled repairers, who were often sent to other workshops to have trainings.


With many years of experience in the market, the company has created the reputation with many value partners such as: Toyota Boshoku Hanoi Co., Ltd., Chiu Yi Vietnam Co., Ltd., Export Mechanical Tools JSC. , Manh Quang Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd,  Chemicals Limited Company 21, Thong Nhat Motorcycle Company, Honda Vietnam Company, Yamaha Company.


The Company also cooperates with some partners of Food Industry such as Nutricare Nutrition JSC, Medibest Pharmaceutical JSC, Global Golden Dragon Company, Nufobil Company ...


With the efforts of all staffs in the whole company and with the cooperation of value partners, Quan Son Plastic Co., Ltd has received ISO 9001-2015 Certificate of Quality Management System .

Quality objectives of our company are:

"Standard and quality is commitment of Quan Son Plastic"


Thus, with the operation time of nearly 30 years, Quan Son Plastic Company Limited is gradually growing and creating its place in the market.

With the momentum of development in the international economic integration, Quan Son Plastics hopes to find more business cooperation opportunities with domestic and foreign partners, so that our plastic products are not only for domestic customers, but also expand to the international market.